Pace of Play

Pacekeeper Responsibilities

The role of the Pacekeeper in each foursome is to keep the group moving along and keeping pace with the group in front of them.  The goal is to play nine holes of golf in less than 2 hours and fifteen minutes and preferably in no more than 2 hours.  Specific responsibilities are: 

  • Encourage all players to watch pace of play for the group.
  • On the 1st tee of the day, start your group as soon as the group ahead is out of range of the player with the shortest drive.
  • Check the time on each hole to limit it to no more than 15 minutes.
  • Watch the group in front and keep up with them staying less than a hole behind.
  • If someone in the group loses a ball or has trouble getting to their ball, encourage the other cart pair to continue playing safely while the 1st cart finds the player’s ball. 

NOTE:  If someone is having an extremely bad hole, their stroke count is approaching or exceeding their max, and the group is approaching the 15 minute time limit on the hole, it is the Pacekeeper’s authority to require that lady to pick up her ball and continue play at the next hole.  This may disqualify that lady from the day’s game, but it will keep the group on schedule and not slow up the groups behind them.

All players Pace of Play Responsibilities

All MPLN players have a responsibility to watch their foursome’s pace of play and support the Pacekeeper’s guidelines to improve the pace where needed.  The Pacekeeper is assigned randomly each week and needs the support of all in her foursome.  Everyone can help by:

  • Play “Ready Golf”, as explained in the MPLN handbook, especially the following:
    • Show up on time – at least 30 minutes prior to tee off time.
    • Bring all clubs that you think you may need.  It wastes far too much time going back to the cart.
    • If you are having a bad hole (and you know you are out of the money) pick up and take your maximum. Be sure to place an “X” beside your score. This may apply even before you get to the green.
    • Do not mark scorecard when you get off the green – DO IT ON THE NEXT TEE.
    • Plan your next shot as you are approaching your ball.  Know what clubs you want to use.
    • At all times (tee, fairway, green), don’t wait for the person farthest away.  Play until the person catches up.  Even if your ball is not “away,” be ready to hit if you can safely do so.  Keep up with the group in front of you.
    • TIME YOURSELF against the clock.  When an hour is up, you should be halfway through.  Nine holes should be played in two hours or under.
  • Finish all practice and other necessities when you hear the 15-minute “In the Hole” call.   The 8-minute “On Deck” call means to start driving to your first tee! 
  • Keep social conversation during the game to a minimum.
  • All players in the foursome should watch each other tee her ball to help determine where it lands.
  • Listen to the Pacekeeper and act accordingly if she encourages the group to pick up the pace on a hole.
  • Assist the Pacekeeper with her role.
  • If your ball is lost, drop one according to the rules, take the penalty, and move on.  A lost ball is not worth the time to find it if it can’t be found quickly.  It is especially not worth getting a snake bite to save a penalty.
  • On MountainView, encourage yellow tee players to move quickly to their tees as soon as the red tee players are finished teeing their balls.  If possible pair yellow players together and red players together in carts.